Our culture

“It is a company’s core challenge to discover, attract and retain new talents [ … ] and give them the best possible opportunities as individuals.”

Karl Otto Bonnier, 1937

With a 200-year legacy, we continue to build Bonnier Books UK with a long-term perspective. While profitability is key, as a family-owned business we are committed to contributing to an inclusive and knowledge-based society, where every individual has the opportunity to take part and make their voice heard.

Karl Otto Bonnier by Carl Larsson, c. 1915.

Building a sustainable workplace

We believe that equality is not simply ‘the right thing to do’; it’s crucial if we are to stay relevant in today’s competitive marketplace. Attracting, developing and retaining a diverse pool of talent will drive our business forward for decades to come.

We’re committed to building a forward-thinking working environment where everybody feels that they can be themselves. And so we can gain from the diverse backgrounds, skills and opinions of our people. This makes us stronger as a business – and as a publisher.

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Meet Sahina Bibi, Marketing Executive

My role involves planning and executing campaigns - which could mean anything from putting together a social media schedule, to sourcing a tutu in a specific colour to match the book cover! Overall I help to plan, implement and carry out different elements of a campaign across digital and print, to really get people talking about a book and building the buzz.

As someone who has had a somewhat unconventional entry into publishing, I feel like Bonnier Books UK has been doing things differently since it came on the scene. We take risks - publishing amazing books with passion and flair, with hordes of creativity at every stage.

My team is vibrant and fun; brilliant minds brimming with wonderful ideas. Though we each manage our own projects, we're always bouncing ideas off one another and brainstorming fresh new initiatives and things we want to try. There are no boundaries on experience - we all learn from each other, from our different backgrounds. The word 'no' is never uttered when I come up with a new idea or something I'd like to learn to do more of - it's always yes to learning, yes to creativity, yes to being brave. With a very easy-going attitude but determination and ethics of steel, we all get along really well and above all, have fun doing what we love.

The ability to be myself, to take risks and be supported by a team and company that encourage you to be different and help you learn at every stage, is what I love most about working at Bonnier Books UK. We are bold and brilliant, and it's a team I'm proud to be part of.

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Meet Nick Stearn, Art Director

My first impressions when I joined Bonnier Books UK were: “Wow, this company is so different”. It acts in a different way, it has energy, it’s exciting – it was like being part of a start-up and everything was to build.

I think what’s unique about the culture at Bonnier Books UK is its open-mindedness. There’s very much a can-do attitude to publishing - anything is possible, we’re prepared to take risks and its non hierarchical. After working at several of “the big 5 publishers” its kind of refreshing, its new and its an exciting place to be.

I'm proud of the supportive attitude of not just my management, but also the wider management team at Bonnier Books UK. Most of us are all from the big 5 publishers so we know the norm of how to publish a book, but here we like to tackle it from a different angle and so far it seems to be working.

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Meet Alex Alexandrou, Head of Commissioning - Children's

My role includes product development for our publishing programme, sourcing and working together with artists and designing some of our lovely books that we publish. I love it because I get to work with so many amazing and talented people, not just at Igloobooks but also within Bonnier Books UK.

We have the opportunity to share our experiences or challenges with one another regardless of who we are working for and I think that's an important part of what makes us such a success.

I've been interested in graphic design since I was very young, which is what brought me to where I am now. When I joined Igloobooks, I saw it as an exciting opportunity that would offer a completely different experience to any other design environment and I still like this even after being here for over five years.

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Meet Jordan Scott, Marketing Manager

I joined Bonnier Books UK straight from college as digital marketing assistant, it was my first full-time job. I loved the fact that the company had employees from a variety of backgrounds. Whilst it was my first job in publishing, I've been able to work with and learn alongside people with years of experience in the publishing industry.

Now, as UK marketing manager at Igloobooks, my job covers a wide range of tasks, from looking after the Igloobooks website to working alongside our fantastic licenses to ensure our books can be seen by as many people as possible!

My favourite thing about working at Bonnier Books UK, is the people that I am lucky enough to work alongside everyday. Whilst our marketing department is small and tight-knit, we work closely with the sales team to help show off our fantastic products. It is a lively, fast-paced environment where everyone will always offer to help you in order to achieve a common goal.

What makes Bonnier Books UK unique is the fact that everybody is given a chance to shine, should they wish to. I come from a fairly unique background because I didn't go to university, and instead started work at a young age. This didn't matter to Bonnier Books UK, as I have still been given the opportunity to progress through the company. I feel like I wouldn't have been given this opportunity with a different publisher.

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Meet Shane Hegarty, Head of Operations

If I could describe only one thing I loved about my job it would be the latitude and opportunity to change and experiment – particularly for the variety of challenges that brings. I crave incentives to learn and develop, and I get frustrated once I feel there is no scope to cultivate my skills, innovate in my tasks, or advance my position – which, thankfully, has not been the case so far in my years at Bonnier Books UK.

You’re given a lot of freedom to suggest and implement changes and from my earliest days in the company I have been encouraged and enabled to have an appreciable input into how, when and what gets done – which is a rare thing to obtain, or sustain, in any company.

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We want to help everybody here to be the best they can possibly be. We understand that it’s not always easy to balance work with life, and our benefits are designed to support the all-round wellbeing of our people.



28 days holiday
& bank holidays

Private health

Enhanced maternity
& adoption leave
with 6 months full pay
from two years' service