Modern Slavery Statement

This statement, made on behalf of Bonnier Books UK, is published in accordance with the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 and sets out the steps that Bonnier Books UK has taken and is continuing to take to ensure that modern slavery or human trafficking is not taking place within our business or supply chain.

We, at Bonnier Books UK, are committed to conducting our business to the highest ethical standards, with integrity and transparency to eliminate, as far as possible, the risk of modern slavery and human trafficking taking place within our business and supply chain.


Our Business
Bonnier Books UK is part of Bonnier Books AB which is a business of the privately owned Swedish media company Bonnier. Bonnier Books UK is home to 14 publishing imprints. Bonnier Books UK is a leading publisher in both Children and Adult’s books and content. We, at Bonnier Books UK, recognise that our products have the potential to change lives and we are committed to producing them in ways that are both ethical and environmentally responsible, ensuring that what we do in no way harms, prejudices or enables people to be exploited.

Our supply chain
Bonnier Books UK works closely with manufacturing partners who share our CSR values, can demonstrate that they use sounds Quality Management Systems and employ ethical and environmentally sustainable business practices. We, Bonnier Books UK, have business relationships with approximately 35 suppliers with factories mainly across China and within Europe and the UK. All our suppliers must sign the Bonnier Code of Conduct which outlines the standards that Bonnier Books UK requires. We encourage a system of accountability and continuous improvement and regularly audit our suppliers to enforce our policies.

Due diligence
Bonnier Books UK strives to ensure that our supply chain employs safe and ethical working practices. We enforce this by insisting that our manufacturing partners care for their workers by maintaining up-to-date, internationally recognised social audits and ethical business standards, these include:- ICTI, OHSAS, BSCI, Sedex (SMETA).

We, at Bonnier Books UK, are members of the Publishers Resolution for Ethical International Manufacturing Standards (“PRELIMS”). All our suppliers have to commit to cover subject areas such as child labour, discipline, forced labour, discrimination, wages, hours, freedom of association and collective bargaining. They also include standards relating to health and safety and the environment. New suppliers are required to provide valid audits before we agree to engage with them.

Our biggest exposure to Modern Slavery is within our global supply chain, we are constantly working with our suppliers to minimise the risk of Modern Slavery. All out suppliers and their factories are subject to due diligence checks in the form of compliance audits, if issues are identified, appropriate investigative and remedial action will be taken.

Our policies and procedures
Bonnier Books UK has a number of policies and procedures that go towards ensuring that there is no modern slavery or human trafficking within our organisation or within our supply chain. These include our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy and Bonnier Code of Conduct.

Within our own organisation, we do not discriminate and ensure all our staff is treated fairly, and equally. We endeavour to ensure that pay and conditions, together with benefits, are appropriately managed and comply with relevant employment legislation.

Next steps
We will continue to review all of our procedures and processes relevant to the Modern Slavery Act and ensure that all our staff is given the relevant training required to address the issues around modern slavery and human trafficking. The Bonnier Code of Conduct will be reviewed and updated with any relevant changes.

The business that we are involved in, require each and every one of us to play our part to ensure that modern slavery and human trafficking is not taking place within our business and our supply chain.

This statement was approved by the board of Bonnier Books UK.

17th May 2018.