Sustainability at Bonnier Books UK

The climate crisis is the defining fight of our times

As a 200-year-old family-owned business, we think in generations, not quarters. We will not shy away from our environmental duty and are committed to reducing our climate footprint. 

By publishing more sustainably and collaborating with our industry colleagues and partners across the supply chain, we aim to spread the joy of books and storytelling for generations to come. Here’s what we’re doing to turn the page on climate change…

Climate action

At the start of 2021, Bonnier Books, including Bonnier Books UK, went beyond climate neutral – meaning that we compensate for 20% more greenhouse gas emissions than we create. We are achieving this in three ways:


Transforming our business operations and production, achieving a 34% decrease in emissions by the end of 2023 (based on our 2019 baseline)


Funding new projects that restore and protect our natural forests to compensate for any emissions Bonnier Books UK can’t (yet) avoid


Going one step further, we mitigate for 20% more greenhouse gases through investment in these projects than we emit as an organisation

Concrete steps

We have signed up to the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi), implementing an emission reduction plan targeted toward limiting global warming to the IPCC’s 1.5°C targets. Our goals, and the methodology we’re following, have been validated against the SBTi’s rigorous criteria.

We are also a founder signatory of Publishing Declares, the industry’s first major collective declaration on climate action. And, as a member of the Independent Publishers Guild (IPG), we participate in the Sustainability Industry Forum (SIF).

Progress on paper

As we all know, paper has a considerable environmental cost and we recognise the importance of having a set of standalone commitments to mitigate its impacts.

  • We updated our paper sourcing policy in 2020, to ensure that 100% of the paper we use to make our books comes responsible certified or sustainable sources:
    • 100% of the paper used in the manufacture of our UK trade division books are FSC™ certified.
    • 100% of Igloo Books’ papers are from Book Chain Project: Grade 3* sources
  • Our bespoke internal Production Support Portal (PSP) allows our production team to select only the most eco-friendly paper choices and suppliers
  • Our paper mill database provides granular data on individual paper grades and emission levels

Working Together

We work hand in hand with our partners across the Bonnier Books group, with a dedicated global CSR advisory board and R&D teams working tirelessly together to explore innovations and sustainable alternatives. 

Read up on the Group’s sustainability strategy and latest results in the 2023 Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Annual Review.


Instead of the traditional publishing day flowers or gift basket, we offer our authors and illustrators the chance to plant 10 trees for every book they publish. 

Alongside B-Corp certified Reforest’Action, we have planted over 10,000 trees to date from Ireland to Indonesia, South Africa to Brazil – storing hundreds of tonnes of CO2e and creating thousands of hours of paid work in local communities. 

Photo credit: Reforest’Action, Rondonia

Reach Out

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the sustainability team