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Heligo Books

For curious readers and business leaders

An original and inclusive publisher of business and smart-thinking books, Heligo Books delivers fresh approaches for purpose-driven careers and lives lived with impact. Publishing authoritative voices – from Gen Z entrepreneurs to blue-chip business royalty – our accessible and agenda-setting non-fiction looks beyond the traditional business book market to captivate audiences and age groups typically underserved by the genre.

Our name is inspired by a windswept island off the coast of Scandinavia – the birthplace of Bonnier Books – called Heligoland. For centuries Heligoland was a stopping off point for adventurers seeking knowledge and fortune between mainland Europe and Scandinavia – an unassuming little island that became a gateway to a wider world, rich in discovery.


Featured authors

Rupal Patel

Bali Padda

Simon Lancaster

Dr Simon Roberts

Juliet Davenport OBE