Ahead of the royal wedding on 19th May, we’ve put together our regal reading recommendations.


London by Jane Foster, Templar Publishing

With this bold and stylish board book, leading textile designer Jane Foster brings together the iconic landmarks of London. There’s no time like the royal wedding to enjoy the sights of the city, from the classic red double-decker bus and Tower Bridge, to the more royal, crown jewels and corgis. This May is the perfect time to introduce your little one to all things London.

Book[s] that style-minded parents and kids can appreciate equally.

– Publishers Weekly

Prince & Knight by Daniel Haack, illustrated by Stevie Lewis, Little Bee Books

In this modern fairytale, a noble prince and brave knight come together to defeat a terrible monster and in the process find true love in a most unexpected place. Daniel Haack takes the traditional fairytale notion of a prince looking for a bride and updates it for modern readers, alongside Stevie Lewis’ illustrations which “lend a timeless, Disney-like quality to the story” (Kirkus).

I was immediately drawn to this story because too many kids fail to see themselves, their LGBTQ family members, or their LGBTQ friends, among others, in picture books, and this book remedies that by creating a modern fairy tale, taking two of the most iconic archetypes and making them appeal to a modern audience—all while maintaining the romance and grandeur that have made these stories so timeless! And the response from bookstores and from the community has been so wonderful and positive, I’ve seen so many posts with parents reading this to their children, and even a sandwich board from a bookstore in Canada that drew one of the spreads in chalk outside their store!

– Charlie Ilgunas, Assistant Editor, Little Bee Books

Cinderella by Katie Haworth, illustrated by Dinara Mirtalipova, Templar Publishing

We couldn’t put together a royal round-up without including Templar’s take on this classic fairytale, Cinderella. A triumph of paper engineering, the magnificent pop-up aperture format will have both children and adults in awe. Look out for this title, publishing October 2018.

Cinderella is perhaps one of the most famous stories on Earth. There are thousands of versions from different cultures and the earliest-known dates from the 7th century BC… Our Cinderella retells one of the more traditional European versions of the story. You know: evil stepmother, competitive stepsisters, pumpkin coach, dashing prince. What I really love about it is just how beautiful it is. Dinara Mirtalipova’s rich, colourful illustrations are inspired by Russian folk art. We’ve also been lucky to work with Templar’s paper engineering genius Richard Ferguson and designer Kieran Hood, whose clever manipulation of paper cutting has made the scenes in Cinderella look three dimensional, like delicate 18th century theatre sets in miniature.

This edition is a universal story transformed into a thing of beauty and wonder for a new generation of readers. What’s not to like?

– Katie Haworth, Author and Editor, Templar Publishing

Fairest of All (A Twisted Tale – Disney), Igloobooks

Part of a new series of YA novels that re-imagine classic Disney favourites in surprising new ways. Each book asks the question: What if one key moment from a familiar Disney film was changed?

Everyone knows the classic tale of Snow White, but in Fairest of All readers learn the story behind the notorious Wicked Queen. The royal, untold tale of love, loss and dark magic.

Part of the hugely popular Twisted Tales series, this unique concept takes everything we know and love about the classic story and, with a dark twist, turns it upside down. Intriguing, mysterious and unpredictable, Fairest of All will captivate readers and take Disney fans on a brand-new, exciting adventure.

– Gemma Rose, Editor, Igloobooks


A Royal Wedding by Jeevani Charika, Bonnier Zaffre

If you can’t wait to celebrate the royal wedding, then you’ll love this charming modern fairytale from Bonnier Zaffre, featuring a smart, charismatic career woman and the English Prince who will move mountains to win her heart.

This is a love story that I’ve been waiting to read for a long time and it perfectly coincides with this summer’s biggest event – the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan.

– Tara Loder, Assistant Editor, Bonnier Zaffre

Harry: Conversations with the Prince by Angela Levin, John Blake Publishing

Once a reckless rebel, now a respected role model, Prince Harry is one of the world’s most popular royals and the force behind giving the British royal family a twenty-first century makeover. Harry: Conversations with the Prince is a three-dimensional look at what Harry is really like, both on and off royal duty. It is written by distinguished journalist and author Angela Levin, who accompanied Prince Harry on many of his engagements and had exclusive access to him at Kensington Palace.

After finding the love of his life in Meghan Markle, and in anticipation of their marriage this year, this is a celebration of the real Prince Harry.

Angela is perfectly placed to produce this thoughtful and considered look at the life of one of our favourite royals, particularly at such an important time in his life. With Angela’s exclusive access to Harry, this book promises to be head and shoulders above the rest.

– Ciara Lloyd, Senior Editor, John Blake

The Crown by Robert Lacey, Blink Publishing

The perfect read for fans of the royal family and Golden Globe and BAFTA award-winning Netflix drama, The Crown. With extensive research, additional material and beautifully reproduced photographs, royal biographer Robert Lacey adds expert and in-depth detail to the events of the series, painting an intimate portrait of life inside Buckingham Palace and 10 Downing Street.

The Crown was an amazing project to work on, and I couldn’t have been happier with the way it turned out. This is the absolute perfect gift for grandparents, or any person who loves the royal family! It’s a brilliantly written book that explains all about the early life the Queen, starting from her marriage Prince Philip and ending up where season 1 of The Crown leaves us – with the tumultuous Olympic tour for Philip and a new Prime Minister. You get the real, in-depth truth behind everyone’s favourite show – make sure you pick up a copy!

– Beth Eynon, Editor, Blink Publishing

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