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Bestselling crime author Caroline Mitchell signs with Embla Books

Bestselling crime author Caroline Mitchell signs with Embla Books

Chart-topping author Caroline Mitchell, who has sold over a million copies of her dark, psychological thrillers and procedurals, has signed with Bonnier Books’ new digital-first imprint, Embla Books. Jane Snelgrove took World English Language rights in a two-book deal with Madeleine Milburn at the Madeleine Milburn Literary Agency.

The Midnight Man marks a new direction for Caroline Mitchell, with a “spine-tingling creepiness” that is described as appealing to fans of CJ Tudor and Stephen King. The first in a new series featuring careworn detective Sarah Noble, the book starts with a real-life game which will be familiar to those with an interest in the supernatural. If followed correctly, the four steps in the midnight game act as an invitation to the eponymous midnight man – which, as with the book’s terrifying opening, can turn out to be deadly.

Caroline Mitchell

Snelgrove said, “I’m not sure what gripped me most when I first started this book – the fear that creeps up your spine from its pages, or the fear that I might not be the one to publish it! Having worked with Caroline for many years, I am absolutely over the moon to be publishing her again at Embla Books. To say she is going from strength to strength is putting it mildly – from the first page it is clear that The Midnight Man is what Caroline was born to write.”

Mitchell said, “I couldn’t be more excited to join Embla as its first crime thriller author. The Midnight Man has found a perfect home with the incredibly talented Jane Snelgrove, and I’m so grateful to my agent, Madeleine Milburn, for bringing us together again. It’s a privilege to be with Embla at this stage of their journey and I am enormously impressed by their passion and ambition for what is to come.”

Milburn said, “I am so excited about the next stage of Caroline’s career with this thrilling new series that sent shivers down me! I can already imagine The Midnight Man on the big screen, and I’m thrilled to work with the Embla team and their big, creative vision for the book.”