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Big Picture Press acquires “empowering” book on the art of protest

Big Picture Press acquires “empowering” book on the art of protest

Big Picture Press, an imprint of Bonnier Books UK, is excited to announce the acquisition of Art of Protest: What A Revolution Looks Like by designer-activist De Nichols. Featuring illustrations from Diana Dagadita, Olivia Twist, Raul Opera, Molly Mendoza, and Diego Becas. World rights were acquired by Joanna McInerney, Head of Big Picture Press, from the contributors directly.

Art of Protest empowers readers to understand how colour, symbolism, technique, performance and so much more play a vital role in communication. From Extinction Rebellion and Black Lives Matter to the Civil Rights Movement of the 50s and the Disability Rights Movement of the 70s, the book encourages readers to explore what it takes to make a collective visual impact throughout history and across the world. Tips and advice from the author also encourage readers to make their own protest art.

To show its support for the book, Bonnier Books UK will be donating 10% of all proceeds to – a global organisation dedicated to funding youth-led movements.

Joanna McInerney added: ‘I could not be prouder to be publishing this book. In Art of Protest, De weaves her own personal narrative into the text, resulting in a book that is more than a journey through the history of ‘artivism’ – it is the story of a young woman who was inspired to make a change. Combined with the striking artwork of five amazing artists from around the world, the result is a powerful message on the importance of collective communication. We could not have known when this book was acquired what events were just around the corner. It is our hope that this book will guide its readers through this important time in our history and can be used as a tool for positive change.’

Karen Goldfeder of DoSomething said, “DoSomething believes in the power of young people to transform their communities. Art of Protest: What A Revolution Looks Like celebrates many activists who have inspired today’s young people to take action and advocate for change at the local, national, and global level. We are so excited for this partnership.”

‘I write this book as a reflection and guiding source on the power of the arts to lead us toward greater justice and liberation in this society. This is a power that has been a life-long presence in my life, and I offer these personal stories, historical accounts, and highlights of today’s protest art with the hope that this inspires readers to cultivate their visual voice as a catalyst for change.’ De Nichols, Author

De Nichols is an art-based organiser, social impact designer, serial entrepreneur, and keynote lecturer, who has mobilized change-makers nationwide to develop creative approaches to the social, civic, and racial justice issues that matter most within communities.

Art of Protest will publish on 9th September, 2021.