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Black & White secures poetry sensation Donna Ashworth

Black & White Publishing, an imprint of Bonnier Books UK, has secured I Wish I Knew, a new collection of poetry from online wordsmith Donna Ashworth.

World rights in all languages were acquired directly from the author by Campbell Brown, managing director at Black & White Publishing.

Using the personal experiences of her own struggles faced in teenage years, Donna Ashworth’s new collection of poems will resonate particularly with young adults and bring comfort, support and confidence to readers. I Wish I Knew shares 60 poems, chiefly for young women who are navigating their bodies, emotions, mental health and growth in this fast-paced world.

This collection addresses the vital issues that young people are facing today, which have been further exacerbated by the pandemic. Shining a light on body image, depression, self-esteem, pressures and relationships, I Wish I Knew keeps the narrative of mental health at the forefront as young people navigate a new era.

Donna Ashworth has self-published three poetry books, and each one has been an online bestseller. Many of Donna’s recent poems have been printed in year books, school newsletters and even now appear as part of the curriculum. Her work has featured in over a hundred magazines and blogs, and Donna regularly speaks at events, on TV shows, radio and more, where she loves to read her work aloud.

Campbell Brown said: “Donna has a brilliant way of expressing emotions through her work and that helps her connect with so many people. We wanted to help Donna share her writing with the world and we are very excited about this new collection of poetry. I Wish I Knew is a guidebook to life, opening up conversations on contemporary issues with such care.”

Donna Ashworth said: “I Wish I Knew is a collection of poetry and words to live by. The book I wish I had, and truly needed, growing up. There are words for every speed bump along life’s highway and it makes the perfect gift for friends and loved ones alike. Open up at random and let the book tell you what wisdom you need to hear today or digest the entire collection when you need it the most.”

I Wish I Knew will be published in April 2022.