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Blink announces Main Character Energy from comedian and social media sensation Fats Timbo

Blink Publishing, a non-fiction imprint of Bonnier Books UK, today announces Main Character Energy, the debut from comedian Fats Timbo.

Former senior editor Beth Eynon acquired the title from Nora Millar of The Millar Agency, with the book now set to be published by editor Madiya Altaf.

Fats Timbo is a comedian and podcaster who rose to prominence for her snappy sketches, quick wit and disability-advocacy. Her TikTok account, @fatstimbo, has over 2.9m followers, and nearly 50m video likes. She has over 245k followers on Instagram and co-hosts the BBC Sounds podcast We’ve Got Your Phone podcast.

Born with Achondroplasia, Fats Timbo entered a world which often doesn’t accept those who fall outside of its expectations. In Main Character Energy, Fats will share her story of how she came to face her challenges and love her body for all those who struggle with a fear of their own difference. Told through her empowering and often hilarious 10 commandments, Fats will show us how to be the main character in our own lives and to revel in our ability to subvert expectations. 

Fats Timbo said: ‘When I was growing up there weren’t books like this for people like me in the public eye – so I’ve created one to make sure there always will be. I wrote it for myself too. To remind myself of the lessons I’ve learned from the difficulties I’ve faced, to appreciate the great things I have experienced and the unexpected things I’ve been lucky enough to achieve.

Remembering my path towards fearlessness, and the strategies I developed to overcome the doubts I encountered along the way has been a very powerful experience for me. I hope that it holds some power for readers too.’ 

Editor Madiya Altaf said: ‘From making me laugh with her TikTok videos to the inspiring words from her book – Fats is the main character I aspire to be! An absolute powerhouse of fun and encouragement, her commandments are exactly the daily dose of ‘main character energy’ we all need to hear. I’m super excited to have Fats on the Blink list and to be sharing her empowering messages with readers.’ 

Main Character Energy will be published in the UK and Ireland in hardback, audio, and eBook on 13th April 2023.