We have another bank holiday ahead of us, and millions are looking forward to an extra day of freedom stretching out before them. And between the coronation and catch-ups with friends and family, the long weekend provides a precious window of opportunity to get lost in a great story.
Wondering what to read next? Here are our recommendations for bank holiday books – running the gamut from royal biographies to escapist children’s adventure.

Our King – Robert Jobson

There’s only one book to reach for this weekend… Celebrate the Coronation by getting to know the man behind the crown. Royal correspondent Robert Jobson’s bestseller is the definitive biography of King Charles III, detailing his life of service and scandal, and considering the values that motivate him and the passions and core beliefs that will shape his time on the throne. 

The Mother – TM Logan

Hopefully your bank holiday won’t be quite as dramatic as this one… Ten years ago Heather lost everything. Now she will stop at nothing to clear her name – and get her children back. Another stunner from the master of the up-all-night thriller, with an intricate plot and twin timelines that turbocharge the story to its shocking conclusion. Don’t expect to leave the sofa: here’s a book you’ll want to race through in a single day. 

Kate on The Case: The Headline Hoax – Hannah Peck

Looking for something to keep the little ones entertained this long weekend? Reporter-in-training Kate – and mouse accomplice Rupert – can’t resist a good mystery, and their passion for investigation lands them an invitation to the headquarters of newspaper The Lookout Post…  Can she help her journalistic hero Catherine Rodriguez, or is something more sinister afoot? Is Kate about to score the scoop of the century?

The Walled Garden – Sarah Hardy

Bank holidays were made for pottering around the garden. But for those who want to put off the weeding, why not step instead into the crumbling grounds of Oakbourne Hall in Sarah Hardy’s sumptuous debut about love, trauma, and the miracle of human resilience? Rich historical fiction set in the Suffolk countryside as it moves from the deep mid-winter and into spring in the immediate aftermath of the Second World War. No one survives war unscathed. But even in the darkest days, seeds of hope can grow. 

Steady For This – Nathanael Lessore

Step up to the mic this weekend… One for teen readers – or anybody keen to spit out a few bars – Steady For This is the outstanding debut from Nathanael Lessore. A full-throated celebration of childhood and creativity in southeast London, packed with brilliant wordplay and belly laughs on almost every line. Get on the comeback trail with MC Growls.

The Gifts – Liz Hyder

There really aren’t many better things you can do with a bank holiday than get lost in the magic of a sprawling, epic novel. The Gifts, Liz Hyder’s astonishing adult debut, fits the bill perfectly. Lock the door, put your Whatsapp on mute, and immerse yourself in the stunning backdrop of nineteenth-century London as rumours of a ‘fallen angel’ grip the city. A gripping tale and vivid exploration of the role of women in society and the dark dangers of ambition. Hyder’s follow-up – The Illusions – lands in June.