Piccadilly Press is 40 years old!  To mark this special occasion we have pulled together a list of some of our favourite titles, from otherworldly fantasies, robot adventures and wholesome stories about ballet – there is something for everyone!

Watts and Whiskerton: Buried Bones and Troublesome Treasure 

A delightfully playful take on the classic detective genre, and paw-fect for both dog and cat people! Full of witty puns, mischievous mystery and zingy illustrations!

Ballet Besties: Yara’s Chance to Dance 

Ballet Besties brings the beauty of ballet to everyone in this inclusive, heartfelt story full of friendship, dance and – most importantly – cake!

Bronte Tempestra and the Lightning Steeds 

The first book in a new fantasy adventure chapter book series, ideal for reading together at bedtime, featuring Bronte Tempestra, a spirited princess who would rather be a knight! 

Max Magic

I adore the Max Magic series – fun, accessible and warm reads centring on a young boy called Max who grapples with his newfound magical abilities. Full of heart with lots of tongue in cheek humour and lots of puns for adults to enjoy – including the ‘Crayfish Twins’!

The Boy Who Grew Dragons

A simply enchanting story with a brilliant conceit at its heart – dragons grow from dragonfruit (of course!). And what if you find a dragonfruit tree at the bottom of your garden? And what if one of those little dragons ends up hatching in your bedroom …. cue fun, chaos and the beginning of a wild adventure for Tomas and his friends.

The Wild Robot

Get ready to meet your favourite wild robot, Roz: the unlikely heroine of a remote island and an even more unlikely mother of a little orphan gosling! A charming and timeless story of family and friendship and the unusual ways in which technology and nature can collide …

Nora and the Map of Mayhem 

Narrated by the most rebellious great-grandmother you will ever meet, this laugh-out-loud adventure story is perfect for reading out loud and enjoying as a family!

Cookie: The Most Annoying Boy in the World

Full of energy, and with fab illustrations drawn by Konnie herself, this book is for any child who is navigating primary school and friendships and is bursting with questions. They will instantly recognise themselves in Cookie!

Bob vs the Selfie Zombies 

A Blue Peter book club pick, this is an easy read for ages 8 and up that manages to be smart AND funny. What will future you look like and what would you do if you met them? And perhaps more importantly – could you survive in a world where bananas are extinct?!

Agent 9: Flood-a-geddon! 

For the avid graphic novel readers and fans of BUNNY VS MONKEY – meet Agent 9! A feline secret agent who battles King Crab as he plots to turn the entire world into a water park!

Beastlands: Race to Frostfall Mountain 

For any wild adventurers out there, Beastlands is bursting with imagination, fearsome creatures and bold heroes, and puts a fun environmental twist on a fantasy quest!

Shiver Point: It Came from the Woods 

Calling all fans of spooks, thrills and dashes of banter: Shiver Point is crawling with hair-raising monsters, unlikely friendships and scares that keep you hooked into turning page after page!

Danny Chung Does Not Do Maths 

This heartfelt, funny, tender story of one boy’s unlikely friendship with his irrepressible grandma Nai Nai, and his journey to understand just what makes him tick, is simply a joy to read. Peppered with Danny’s own cartoon illustrations – he doesn’t do maths, but he can draw really well …

I, Spy: A Bletchley Park Mystery 

An action-packed adventure series that will invigorate children’s interest in WWII and inspire them to learn more about the history behind Bletchley Park and the role of animals during war. Inspired by Rhian’s own family history and extensive research, this is one not to miss!

The Marvellers

Dhonielle has created the most captivating, magical world in The Marvellers with a cast of incredible characters fighting for justice. Action-packed, thrilling, and a reminder that magic belongs to every child.

The Silver Road 

For confident 9+ readers, this is a rich and sweeping story of ancient myth coming to life in the contemporary world – the old heroes rise up and it falls to Rose to fight beside them to protect the true magic of Ireland.

Cowgirls and Dinosaurs 

A brilliant Wild West graphic novel adventure – with dinosaurs! Colourful, fun, witty and full of heart and female friendship.

Peregrine Quinn and the Cosmic Realm 

 Peregrine Quinn has all the makings of a modern classic: an irrepressible heroine, nail-biting adventure, dastardly villains, hi-tech gadgets, and a sprinkling of Greek myth. Not forgetting a dryad librarian and a duck who knows his way around martial arts. Need I say more?!

The Girl Who Drank the Moon 

The Girl Who Drank the Moon is brimful of magic, compassion, dark humour and the many kinds of love. The story is fantastical, the characters and their emotions utterly realistic. This book is both enchanted and enchanting.

Hotel Flamingo

An energetic and fun series, celebrating friendship, teamwork and diversity, that is perfect for new readers and filled with vibrant illustrations throughout! With our determined and enthusiastic protagonist, Anna, alongside a whole cast of animal helpers bringing Hotel Flamingo to life – what is not to love?