We’ve all been there: taken one long look at the humungous, ever-so-slightly-intimidating doorstopper of a book waiting for us on the shelf and gulped. Particularly when you’re out of the habit, sometimes all you’re really after is an entertaining, addictive romp of a read to speed through. 

So, as we emerge from the winter gloom and into spring, let’s get back into the swing of things and kickstart your bookish adventures with our list of easy recommended reads to reinvigorate, motivate, and rediscover your reading mojo. 

Every Day Is a Fresh Beginning – Aoibhin Garrihy 

Perfect for digesting in gentle bite-size chunks between the madness of everyday life, this collection has been beautifully curated by Aoibhin Garrihy – and is sprinkled throughout with her delightful commentary. Spark your imagination in a few short lines. Whatever your mood, you’ll find a poem that speaks to you. 

Parenting Hell – Rob Beckett & Josh Widdicombe

A book to breeze through with three hundred-odd pages of belly laughs. Reading this (or indeed listening along to the bestselling audiobook) is like hanging out with two brilliantly funny mates having a conversation and inviting you into their delirious, sleep-deprived post-baby lives.

Kate on the Case – Hannah Peck 

Looking for the next series to read along to with your young bookworms? Try Hannah Peck’s utterly addictive mysteries with a unique protagonist. Join Special Correspondent-in-training Kate and rodent partner in the fight against crime, Rupert, as she gets to the bottom of things. The third adventure – The Headline Hoax – is out now. 

Anatomy of a Breakthrough – Adam Alter

A great book for teaching good habits. Adam Alter artfully weaves together scientific studies, anecdotes, and interviews in this ground-breaking guide to help readers fulfil their full potential. Shake off the winter blues and get unstuck one page at a time. 

Virtual Strangers – Sam Canning 

Ada and Fraser both spend their days working from a coffee shop. Is love brewing in between the flat whites? Sam Canning’s dazzling romcom puts the hot into hot desking, and the spice into spiced latte. We guarantee you’ll fall for these deeply-relatable characters – and be booking a trip up to Edinburgh to walk in their footsteps. 

Strong Female Character – Hanna Flint

Film journalist Hanna Flint premieres an insightful memoir that interweaves personal stories with a critical eye on cinema’s representation of women and minorities on screen. The fierce, and funny Strong Female Character is filled with quick chapters and film-infused lessons perfect for dipping into between your latest episode on Netflix. 

Glow up Lara Bloom – Dee Benson

Struggling to find the energy to pick up a new book? Why not instead try tricking your brain into thinking you’re poking your nose into someone’s diary? Get to know ‘teenage catastrophe’ Lara Bloom, as she uploads her deepest thoughts and darkest confessions to an online journal in this heart-warming tale of friendship, crushes and learning to love yourself.

Main Character Energy – Fats Timbo

A book to help any reader get their mojo back full stop. Comedian and social media sensation Fats Timbo delivers her ten commandments for living a fearless life. Anyone who has seen her viral sketches will know what to expect: quickfire wit, empowering life lessons, and a clarion call to be the hero your story needs. 

You Had Me at Halloumi – Ginger Jones

Because how can you not want to pick up a book with that title?