It’s that time of year again, where offspring all across the UK search high and low for a Father’s Day gift that strikes the perfect balance between ‘thoughtful’ and ‘cheap’. You spot a bookshop over the road and… bingo!

But which book? Well, that’s where we step in. 

We’ve curated book recommendations for a range of gift-hungry dads. So go forth and browse. And if we’ve missed out your type of dad – let us know! 

For the dad who… 

… would have preferred tickets to the game: BOYS OF WINTER by Lawrence Dallaglio and Owen Slot (Paperback, RRP £10.99). 

Former England Rugby captain Lawrence Dallaglio and writer Owen Slot tell the inside story of England’s triumphant 2003 Rugby World Cup win through interviews with Martin Johnson, Clive Woodward, Jonny Wilkinson and all those involved, revealing how the team planned it and executed it; the iconic memories as well as the unseen moments. The book is a winner too: awarded Rugby Book of the Year at the Charles Thyrwitt Sports Book Awards.

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… already has enough ties and socks and cufflinks: WARRIOR KING by Wilbur Smith and Tom Harper (Hardback, RRP £22). 

Known as the Master of Adventure, Wilbur Smith’s bestselling novels have entertained readers for over 60 years and this latest hardback is no different. Packed with epic battles, immersive descriptions and characters he’ll miss as soon as he turns the last page. Switch things up this year and treat him to a sprawling adventure to South Africa, for a fraction of the cost of the flights! 

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… cries every year at the John Lewis Christmas advert: THE TATTOOIST OF AUSCHWITZ by Heather Morris (Paperback, RRP £9.99) 

Now a major Sky Originals TV series, The Tattooist of Auschwitz has been topping to-be-read lists since it first published in 2018. Set during the horrors of the Holocaust, this modern classic is a life-affirming story of love in the darkest of places and a guaranteed tearjerker. Loved by 13 million readers, make it 13 million and one this Father’s Day. 

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… is first up on the dancefloor as soon as ‘Come on Eileen’ starts playing: SEARCHING FOR DEXY’S MIDNIGHT RUNNERS by Nige Tassell (Hardback, RRP: £22.00)

Look, there’s no two ways about it, the song is an anthem. You know the lyrics, you know the moves, but how much do know about the band behind it all? More importantly, how much does your dad know about them? Nige Tassell has employed his skills of detection to deliver a riveting read all about this iconic motley crew of musicians. This is one you’ll want to wrap up quick.

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… has had enough of you emptying the Bank of Dad: INVEST NOW by Kalpana Fitzpatrick (Paperback, RRP: £9.99) 

It’s time to make reparations for your years of Dad-sponsored shopping splurges and help fill the coffers again. It features practical guides on what investing is, how to invest ethically and fact checks everything you thought you knew about investing. Future proof your access to his finances. And, hey, a book is cheaper than an accountant. 

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… scrolls the news first thing every morning: THE CRASH by Robert Peston (Hardback, RRP: £16.99) 

Whether you’re one of his 1.3 million followers or not, if you’ve kept up with the news at all in recent years then it’s likely you’ll have heard the voice of Robert Peston. What you might not know is that beyond being the political editor for ITV, he’s also the author of two bestselling fiction novels with The Crash being his most recent. Set against the backdrop of the 2008 economic crash, take Dad behind the scenes with this gripping political thriller. 

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… will recommend TOP GUN: MAVERICK to everyone he meets: APACHE AT WAR by Steve Jones (Hardback, RRP: £22) 

Move over Tom Cruise, there’s a new Top Gun in town. Author Steve Jones takes readers behind enemy lines as he recalls the years of his life serving as helicopter pilot in the Army Air Corps in thrilling detail. Buckle up, sit your dad in the cockpit and prepare for take off. 

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… spends his weekends teaching you about motors and engines: RAGGED EDGE by Stuart Barker (Paperback, £10.99) 

Calling all adrenaline-seeker dads, this is the one for you. Ragged Edge is the definitive story of the Isle of Man TT race, from the tarmac up. The history, the atmosphere, the heroes and tragedies. This is the raw truth behind the world’s most dangerous sporting event – in the words of those who ride it. 

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… has bookshelves creaking with wartime history books: MUNICH WOLF by Rory Clements (Paperback, RRP: £9.99) 

Suspicion is rife in pre-war Munich and Detective Sebastian Wolff has found himself somehow at the heart of it. Sunday Times bestselling fiction author, Rory Clements, has delivered a gripping standalone thriller – the perfect gift for Dads who want to be right at the heart of the action. 

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… still listens to records from ‘the good old days of music’: KARMA by Boy George (Hardback, RRP £22)

We’re telling you, when it comes to righteous attitudes towards music, Swifties have got nothing on dads who haven’t listened to anything released after the 80s. Indulge him in icon Boy George’s kaleidoscopic rollercoaster ride through the music industry but, be warned, just because you got him a good gift, he still won’t listen to The Tortured Poets Department with you. 

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