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Flight 149 podcast launching with Bonnier Books UK and Crowd Network

A new podcast uncovering the truth behind the infamous British Airways Flight 149 is launching as part of a pioneering collaboration between Bonnier Books UK and Crowd Network Ltd.

The Secret History of: Flight 149 is the result of 30 years of investigative reporting into the 1990 hostage crisis, from journalist and author Stephen Davis.

On 1st August 1990, Flight 149 departed London Heathrow destined for Kuala Lumpur. The flight never made it, and neither did its nearly 400 passengers and crew. Stopping to refuel in Kuwait, Iraqi troops invaded – delivering the passengers and crew into the hands of Saddam Hussein, to be used as human shields.

What followed has been dubbed the most shocking government cover-up of the last thirty years.

The Secret History Of: Flight 149 will delve into the crisis and consequent cover-up. Why did Flight 149 land in Kuwait, when all other flights were turned away? Why were civilian lives put at risk, with horrific consequences? And why was the truth covered up for so long?

Many questions remain unanswered. This podcast has new revelations about the role of British Airways, MI6, and the UK Government, and it tells the stories of six passengers and two crew members who were taken hostage. They recall the terror they felt as human shields held by the brutal Iraqi regime and share the long-lasting ramifications it has had on their lives. A former intelligence officer speaks candidly about how his actions in the crisis were misrepresented for years, and host Stephen Davis sheds new light on why the plane was allowed to land.

Stephen Davis, host of the series, said:

“I have been investigating the fate of Flight BA149 for three decades, but when I talk to victims who are still distressed, I know my job is not over.

“Though the Government finally came forward with kernels of the truth last year, there are still revelations to be made that we include in the show. Most importantly, there are the stories of the human shields who were used as political pawns and left traumatised for decades after. We will not settle for anything less than the whole truth, about how this crisis was allowed to unfold, and why it has been so meticulously covered up by successive governments. It’s something I hope the podcast will help us achieve.”

Stephen has reported for decades on the subject, and his recent book on the topic Operation Trojan Horse (John Blake Publishing) is available in hardback, eBook & audiobook.

Mike Carr, Crowd Network CEO, commented: “Stephen has done amazing work to uncover the true story of Flight 149, work he has been dedicated to for many years. When we came across his reporting, we wanted to provide him with another platform to support this relentless pursuit of the truth. By letting you hear this in people’s own words, it brings home how deeply this crisis affected the hostages and human shields – something that could have been avoided by proper Government action. I’m sure the show will play an important role in the history of Flight 149, as we continue to fight for the whole truth.”

Jon Watt, BBUK audio director, commented: “We’re absolutely thrilled to be launching this new podcast with Stephen and Crowd Network. Mike and the team at Crowd Network have done a magnificent job creating a truly compelling podcast and we look forward to it forming an essential companion piece to Stephen’s book Operation Trojan Horse. This is a story that continues to resonate across the world as more secrets are revealed and as Stephen continues to fight for justice for the hostages.”

The Secret History Of: Flight 149 launches on 7th February and will be available across all podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.