Bonnier Books UK today announces the launch of Hatch Press, the home of creativity, inspiration and amazing adventures through history. 

The newest imprint within the company’s thriving children’s division, Hatch Press will publish non-fiction, hands-on learning, and art and activity titles for fledgling readers between 3-12 years old – laying the foundations for a lifetime love of books. 

Hatch Press is born from the extensive backlist of Salariya, acquired by Bonnier Books UK last year. Taking inspiration from its treasure trove of titles, Hatch will publish refreshed editions of Salariya’s backlist before embarking on an exciting new frontlist of books that builds on the established bestsellers and introduces fresh IP to engage and enrich the next generation of young readers.

Led by Kieran Hood, the imprint aims to publish around 30 books a year, with the first titles flying onto shelves in January 2024. 

Kieran Hood, head of Hatch Press, said: “I cannot wait to see the first books from Hatch Press in the shops next year. It’s so important to me to see beautiful, well-designed books that are both affordable and accessible to all reading abilities. Hatch is called Hatch because it’s the start of an idea and the beginning of something great, be it igniting a creative interest, or a subject in school that was previously dismissed. It’s a cracking list: terrific subjects, interesting takes, and attractive books.”

Helen Wicks, managing director of children’s trade at Bonnier Books UK added: “We are delighted to have been given this opportunity to breathe new life into a redoubtable independent imprint. Founded in 1989 by David Salariya, the publisher was home to many award-winning, innovative and engaging titles. It succeeded in introducing humour, quality illustration and fun into the process of learning. And, in doing so, it enriched the lives of so many. At Bonnier Books UK, we are committed to continuing this legacy. With a wide range of stunning titles on the way, Hatch will offer something for every fledgling reader.” 

The launch list includes: a refresh of the best-selling How to Draw series; narrative non-fiction in the form of The Eureka Moment; the Boredom Buster series of activity titles; and the funny and educational Tickle Your Brain joke book series.