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Ithaka Press to publish In The Streets of Tehran, an anonymous Iranian female activist’s account of the current uprising

Ithaka Press has acquired In The Streets of Tehran, an anonymous Iranian female activist’s account of the current uprising, introduced by Christina Lamb.

Sarah Braybrooke, publishing director of Ithaka Press, acquired World English rights from Adélaïde Sorel at Calmann Levy, and it is translated from Persian by Poupeh Missaghi.

Coming just over a year after the death of Mahsa-Jina Amini, In The Streets of Tehran lyrically depicts the situation on the ground for Iranians, painting a vivid portrait of the extraordinary risks that ordinary people continue to take in resisting the regime. 

Written by a female activist in Tehran who must remain anonymous for her own safety, the book is a unique insight into a country whose government has made it difficult for reporters to enter and document the uprising, a movement which Christina Lamb in her introduction calls ‘the greatest threat to the regime’s existence that it has ever faced’. Alongside descriptions of the current protests, the book draws on Persian art, literature, and history to show how today’s activism forms part of a wider legacy.

Author Nila said: ‘Writing this book was the only way I could bear witness to what is happening on our streets and among ourselves. I penned these words to document the crimes of one of the most terrible governments in history. On behalf of the people of this nation, I am sending you this book as a letter. If you read this letter, please know that we are raising our voices on your behalf too; Because “Woman, Life, Freedom” is a defence of the rights of all the peoples of the world.’

Sarah Braybrooke said: ‘This short, beautiful book is a unique testimony to a historic moment. I am awed by the bravery of its author, and by the spirit and tenacity of the many Iranians who continue to resist tyranny. Nila’s words are deeply moving and inspiring.’ 

In The Streets of Tehran will be published on October 19th by Ithaka Press in hardback and eBook.