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Lagom acquires Dr Tara Porter’s ‘indispensable’ guide to young women

Lagom, the leading health and wellbeing imprint of Bonnier Books UK, has acquired the ‘empathetic and insightful’ guide to young women by Dr Tara Porter, a lead psychologist in the Eating Disorders CAMHS team.

Margaret Stead, Publisher, acquired UK & Comm (excl Canada) rights from Victoria Hobbs at AM Heath.

Writing directly to girls and young women, You Don’t Understand Me sees Dr Tara Porter draw on decades of experience to offer them insight into their own psychology. From exams to friendship, from families to love, Tara pulls together everything she has learnt to provide accessible explanations and suggestions for teenagers and young women everywhere. Like a warm letter from a wise friend or big sister, You Don’t Understand Me not only understands the young person’s perspectives but guides them through the challenges they face.

You Don’t Understand Me is uniquely addressed to teenagers and young women. But in explaining young women to themselves, it also provides an indispensable guide to their parents and a glimpse behind the rolled eyes and the protestations their daughter makes: “You Don’t Understand Me.”

Margaret Stead said: ‘You Don’t Understand Me is the book I wish I’d had as a teenager, and one that I am delighted my daughter and young women of her generation will have as an essential life tool. Tara’s book is warm, empathetic, kind and packed full of insight and advice. She is a joy to work with, and the team at Bonnier are delighted to be publishing her brilliant guide for young women.’

Dr Tara Porter said: ‘As a psychologist I have spent my professional life listening to teenage girls and young women and making sense of their experiences through the prism of psychological theory and research.  I am thrilled to be able to share this knowledge in my first book You Don’t Understand Me: The Young Woman’s Guide to Life and a deep thank you to the team at Bonnier Books for helping me do so.’

You Don’t Understand Me will be published in trade paperback, audio and eBook on 14th April 2022.