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Mann calls on women to become role models at every level

Perminder Mann, CEO of Bonnier Books UK, called on women to become role models at every level at a Women in Leadership panel hosted at London Book Fair yesterday (12th March, 2019).

Discussing whether the trade needs to increase the number of women in leadership roles, Mann said: “We’ve got a responsibility to support women and celebrate successes, and not just at the top. This industry is 70% women and I think the industry’s success is in large part down to women—that’s not just women at the top, but women across the board. I think everyone has a responsibility to be a role model, no matter what level you are at.”

As a mother of two who returned to work part-time five weeks after her second child was born, Mann said that when she became c.e.o., one of the first things she looked at was its policy on flexible working and shared parental leave.

The event was chaired by Suzy Astbury, m.d. and owner of Inspired Search & Selection, and featured Hodder Education m.d. Lis Tribe, DK m.d. Rebecca Smart, director of strategy and transformation at the Web of Science Group Samantha Burridge, and Bonnier Books c.e.o. Perminder Mann.

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