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Wiltshire’s second forensic ecology book to be published by John Blake

John Blake, a nonfiction imprint of Bonnier Books UK, has acquired The Natural History of Crime: Case studies in death and the clues nature leaves behind by Patricia Wiltshire.

Editorial Director Ciara Lloyd acquired World All Language rights from the author.

A pioneer of forensic ecology – using the natural world to help solve crimes – esteemed forensic ecologist, Patricia has been involved in some of the most high-profile murder cases. Not only does she help the police solve crimes and give answers to the most bemusing circumstances, she can help to exonerate the innocent and enable confessions from the guilty.

Working at the interface of where the criminal and natural world interact, Patricia will show us how she finds the answers to some of the worst crimes imaginable. Through a study of her most infamous cases, we join Patricia in putting the puzzle together, teasing the evidence out of her cases and showing us all how life and death have always been, and always will be, intertwined.

Professor Patricia Wiltshire has worked on over 250 criminal cases across the UK, including some of the highest profile cases of the past 25 years. A leading voice in forensic science, she has worked with every police force in the UK on cases involving rape, murder, abduction, neglect, and searching for graves and hidden remains. She lives in Surrey with her husband David. 

Patricia Wiltshire said: ‘I am surprised but very pleased that so many people have enjoyed the stories about my work and experience in criminal investigation. My new book will be another set of stories…that will give the reader an idea of the role played by various experts helping to solve crime but, of course, will centre mostly on my own involvement. What happens at crime scenes? 

‘How do we plan and execute our work within the forensic and police framework? What about working for the Defence? How do we interact with lawyers, judge, and jury? How do I keep my sanity and humour in the face of kidnap, mutilation, rape, and decaying cadavers? There is so much to tell, but I do hope that readers will find my experiences interesting and enlightening.’

‘There is no one quite like Patricia – as evidenced in her fascinating memoir, Traces – and now, in her latest book, we get a real insight into some of Pat’s most enthralling and challenging cases. She is the doyenne of her profession and an absolute honour to publish’.

The Natural History of Crime will be published in hardback, audio and eBook in March 2024, with the paperback following in May 2024.