Zaffre, the flagship adult fiction imprint of Bonnier Books UK, has acquired Tasneem Abdur-Rashid’s brilliantly warm and funny debut, Finding Mr Perfectly Fine, a modern romcom about a Bengali British woman, trying to find a husband ‘before time runs out’. Sarah Bauer, Senior Editor for Zaffre, acquired UK, Eire and Commonwealth rights from Abi Fellows at The Good Literary Agency.

As Zara turns 29, one of her Mum’s birthday presents is a threat that if she’s not engaged by her 30th birthday she’s being sent off to the Motherland to find a ‘fresh-from-the-Desh’ husband. Soon exhausted by her family’s failed attempts to set her up with every vaguely suitable Abdul, Ahmed and even Tony that they can find, Zara decides to take matters into her own hands and joins a Muslim dating app. When she meets Hamza, he’s great on paper but there’s just no spark, however she is determined to make it work. But soon Zara’s plans are derailed when she finds herself thinking of someone else. As her next birthday looms, and family pressure intensifies, Zara knows she must make a decision, but will she make the right one?

Sarah Bauer, Senior Editor said: ‘‘From the moment I read Tasneem’s debut, I knew I had to publish it. Finding Mr Perfectly Fine is a fresh and modern take on the classic romcom and I know readers are going to fall in love with Zara’s sass, humour and independent spirit. I can’t wait!’

Tasneem Abdur-Rashid said: ‘Finding Mr Perfectly Fine is a book that’s been in the making ever since my friends and I reached a marriageable age and went through the process of trying to find a husband the Bengali British way. Zara’s story transcends culture and speaks to every woman who has ever actively tried to find a partner, and I’m thrilled that Sarah and the team at Bonnier are as excited about it as I am.’

Abi Fellows, Agent said: ‘‘Zara’s story will be hilariously recognisable to many readers who have experienced the Muslim dating world, and hugely entertaining and relatable for those who haven’t. Who doesn’t love a classic romcom dilemma, after all? I am so delighted to have found Tasneem a home with the Bonnier team and excited for readers to love this novel as much as I do.’

Finding Mr Perfectly Fine will be published by Zaffre in June 2022 in Paperback Original, eBook, and Audio.