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BBUK breaks out first in-house audio original Fugitive!

Bonnier Books UK has published its first in-house audio original project Fugitive! – a ground-breaking exploration of the reality of life on the run.

Produced by twelve point, Bonnier’s audio imprint, over fifteen months, Fugitive! is narrated by Nick Reynolds, the son of Great Train Robber Bruce Reynolds.

Nick spent his early childhood on the run with his father and in this audiobook he brings his own experiences to bear, interviewing some of Britain’s most infamous fugitives and their families. Featuring exclusive interviews with fugitives past and present, law enforcement, psychologists and journalists, this audiobook is an extraordinary personal journey for Nick as he begins to understand what his father went through: from the mental toll of staying constantly vigilant and the need for money, to caring for loved ones and the long shadows cast by their pasts. Fugitive! is essential listening for true crime fans. 

Nick Reynolds says: “Making this audiobook has helped me to reflect on the time I spent on the run with my dad and I’ve learned a lot about myself. Talking with other fugitives, and especially with psychologist Paul Britton, I’ve begun to appreciate the toll it took on our whole family. This audiobook has been a most enlightening and important experience for me.”

Jon Watt, trade audio director at Bonnier Books UK says, “Making Fugitive! was a journey for all of us – we didn’t quite know where the story would end up when we started out. By their nature, fugitives aren’t easy to pin down, so just finding some of the contributors was an experience in itself. Nick Reynolds is a fantastic narrator, not afraid to explore his past and give this project a very personal touch. The life of a fugitive is often glamorised in films and media: it’s anything but. It’s tough and it can leave deep scars on those involved.”

Contributors include: Daughter of Howard Marks aka Mr Nice, Amber Marks; Ronnie Biggs’ biographer Chris Pickard; Guardian Crime Correspondent Duncan Campbell; renowned criminal psychologist Paul Britton; the UK’s most famous fugitive hunter Peter Bleksley; Britain’s greatest fraudster Tony Sales; current fugitive Zahid Khan. 

The son of the late Bruce Reynolds, mastermind behind the Great Train Robbery, Nick spent his early childhood on the run with his dad in Mexico. He is a leading spokesman on the Great Train Robbery and has recently narrated his father’s autobiography in audiobook. Sent to boarding school when his father was eventually arrested, Nick became interested in art and music, and went on to become part of Alabama 3, the band behind the famous Soprano’s theme. Nick is also a renowned sculptor creating a name for himself as the UK’s foremost Death Mask artist.

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