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Big Picture Press acquires three-book series from Akala

Big Picture Press, an imprint of Templar Publishing, has today announced that it will publish the first non-fiction children’s book by hip hop artist and poet, Akala. Lisa Edwards, Head of Children’s Publishing, Kings Road Publishing acquired World All Language rights from Adrian Sington at Kruger Cowne Rights.

The book will be an illustrated history of human brilliance and achievement, particularly bringing to light a truly global context to untold or neglected stories onto a level playing field with traditional curriculum topics.

“I think this is the book that I’ve been waiting to publish for all of my career.”

Lisa Edwards, Head of Children’s – Kings Road Publishing

Akala, commented: “Growing up I was lucky enough to be a beneficiary of the Pan-African ‘Saturday school’ movement where I learned very early that there were countless examples of human brilliance and achievement that fell outside of mainstream historiography, thus I am extremely excited to be working on a collection of books for young people that focus on lesser known examples of human achievement from all around the world throughout all of history.”

Lisa commented: “After twelve years of publishing Horrible Histories, and knowing the power of arming children with facts that they are not taught via a traditional education, I think this book is hugely important and timely. I walked home after meeting Akala feeling hugely inspired – I think this is the book that I’ve been waiting to publish for all of my career.”

The book is set to publish Autumn 2019.