Bonnier Books UK partnered with national charity Calibre Audio for the pioneering audiobook production of Patrick Kane and Samuel Rodriguez’s Human 2.0

Chiming with the book’s mission of widening accessibility and championing innovation and inclusivity, Human 2.0 was the perfect title for our first co-production with the national charity, which offers a collection of over 15,000 free audiobooks for anyone who finds it difficult to read print. Free copies of the Big Picture Press audiobook are now available to all Calibre Audio members through its digital library service.

Human 2.0 author Patrick Kane said:

“Human 2.0 is an exciting journey through our history as a species replacing and upgrading our biology, and what our future will look like; however, the book also explains that disability is the result of a mismatch between a person’s body and their built environment. This is why I am so proud to have recorded the audiobook for Human 2.0, to help the book and its message reach as many people as possible. By consciously creating with accessibility in mind, we have the potential to reach more people than society caters for as a default, and reap the rewards that come from true inclusivity. It is my hope that this audiobook (and the physical book itself) will inspire the next generation of children with disabilities to realise their exciting place in this world, and teach children everywhere what it means to be human.”

Bringing Kane and Rodriguez’s picture book to life involved an innovative production process and the development of an immersive soundscape that accompanies the illustrations of the book.

Marina Stavropoulou, leading the project as Senior Editor for Audio, added: “From the moment Patrick approached us about an audio edition of his wonderful picture book we wanted to create something bold and beautiful. It’s always a challenge adapting a picture book into an audiobook, since we have to rely on auditory stimuli to spark the imagination in supplementing those beautiful illustrations by Samuel Rodriguez. But it’s also very rewarding when it all comes together. We’ve chosen a documentary narrative and sound design style, which I believe works just right, and we thank the team at Audio Always for realising our vision in such a remarkable way. We are certain the audiobook can stand on its own but it can also be paired with the print book for a more rounded experience.”

Emma Scott, Director of Commissioning and Editorial at Calibre Audio, commented on the collaboration: “As a national charity supporting those with print disabilities, Calibre Audio was delighted to work in partnership with Bonnier Books UK to create an audio version of Human 2.0. The audiobook ensures that this powerful, fascinating, and must-read look at the history of prosthetics and implants, and the giant leaps forward made possible by technological advancements, is accessible to those who struggle to read print. With soundscapes to help immerse you in the narrative and bring the text and images to life, the audiobook is inclusive and enlightening and will inspire and empower our younger members as they seek to overcome their own challenges and succeed in life. This project aligns perfectly with Calibre Audio’s belief that those with disabilities should have equal access to reading, learning and other opportunities and shows that by embracing aids and technological advancements, we can help take the “dis” out of “disability”.”

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