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Blink acquires The Gender Bias by psychologist and Chief Fire Officer Dr Sabrina Cohen-Hatton  

Blink, the commercial adult non-fiction imprint of Bonnier Books UK, has acquired The Gender Bias: The Barriers That Hold Women Back, And How To Break Them by Dr Sabrina Cohen-Hatton. 

Madiya Altaf, editor at Blink, secured UK & Commonwealth rights from Sabrina’s former agent Kirsty McLahlan at Morgan Green Creatives. 

The Gender Bias cover

Sabrina is one of the most senior woman fire officers in the world. When she joined the fire service at 18 years old, only 1% of them were women, and now as a chief fire officer, there are more chiefs called Chris than women holding that rank. Sabrina has gained first-hand experience of the hurdles women face to become successful and in The Gender Bias, she explores the everyday prejudices women experience through the prism of success. From leadership, to risk-taking, perception and failure, Sabrina exposes the invisible barriers that are holding women back.

Author Sabrina Cohen-Hatton said: ‘I’m so excited to be publishing The Gender Bias with Bonnier Books UK. I’m a psychologist, but I’ve also been a firefighter for over two decades, so I’ve had first-hand experience of some of the invisible barriers women face. I wrote this book because so many times, I’ve done things and it felt like I was being judged differently as a woman, and I’ve thought it was just me. So, I picked through hundreds of research studies on gender bias and it turns out it affects us all. Through my book I’ve unpacked why and what we can do about it. And I’m so excited to share it!’

Blink editor, Madiya Altaf said: ‘All women are sadly aware of the daily inequalities based on gender; from all-male senior leadership teams to being talked over in meetings – the barriers to success are seemingly everywhere. Having always worked in a male-dominated field, Sabrina is keenly aware of these problems. The Gender Bias is a deep dive into the barriers women are facing and not only unpicks the impact of these limitations but provides the reader with the tools to understand the biases at play and, crucially, provides solutions for change.’

Sabrina has a 1st Class Honours degree in Psychology, a Masters in International Fire Service Development and a PhD in Behavioural Neuroscience. She is now recognised as a leading international expert on risk-critical decision making in crises and is an Honorary Research Fellow at Cardiff University.

She has recently signed with Bev James Management for future representation across all broadcast, media and brand partnerships.

The Gender Bias will be published in hardback, eBook, and audio, 2nd March 2023 by Blink.