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Lagom acquires book on the power of bathing from wellness journalist Suzanne Duckett

Lagom, an imprint of Kings Road Publishing, has acquired world English rights for Bathe by Suzanne Duckett. Natalie Jerome, Acquisitions Director and Publisher of Bonnier Publishing UK, acquired the book from Rowan Lawton at Furniss Lawton.

Purity, Ritual, Rejuvenation, Clarity and Calm – Bathe will be a beautifully designed book celebrating the art of bathing. Written by Suzanne Duckett, contributer for The Times, The Telegraph, Tatler Spa Guide editor and contributing Wellness Editor to Psychologies magazine, the book investigates the power of bathing as one of the most accessible acts of self-care there is.

Bathe will explore the many types of baths and bathing from around the world – from the simple act of bathing at home to traditional communal baths as found in the UK, to Turkish hammams, Japanese sento or Onsen, Jimjilband in Korea and Finnish and Swedish saunas.

Duckett also illustrates how the act of bathing is not only a great way to unwind and switch off from the hyper-activity of modern day life, but also has a host of scientific benefits. It stimulates the immune system, improves sleep, helps skin conditions, can boost circulation and heart health, benefits muscles and joints and balances hormones.

A good soak and time to yourself is a fundamental basic act of self-care, wholly transformative and accessible to everyone.

-Suzanne Duckett

Including power bath recipes for aching muscles, low mood and energy, Bathe also focuses on the meditative side of bathing, with practical bathing recipes to leave you feeling rejuvenated and calm. With examples of bath time exercises you can use to fuel creative thinking, Bathe will offer ways of unleashing your inner creativity and problem solving. Unwinding our bodies and minds in the bath is a primal ritual that today offers a readily available form of practical mindfulness.

For fans of bestsellers The Little Book of Hygge and The Things You Can Only See When You Slow DownBathe will help us all fall in love with our bath, with practical take-away self-care tips for readers to help heal their minds and bodies.

Duckett, said: “A good soak and time to yourself is a fundamental basic act of self-care, wholly transformative and accessible to everyone. The relaxing benefits are well-known but most of us don’t know about the powerful curative effects that are taking place while we wallow too. From exhilarating dips in cold babbling brooks in nature to a hot bath doused with oils at home – they all have their super power. Add in a spot of mindfulness and digital detox, and you’ve got cleansing from the inside out – something we have never needed more”.

Bathe will publish in hardback on 18th October 2018.