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Bestselling Kate Silverton returns with There is Still No Such Thing as ‘Naughty’: Parenting the Primary Years

Kate Silverton is a trusted face and voice, formerly as a BBC TV broadcaster and journalist, and subsequently as a bestselling author of the parenting guide There’s No Such Thing as ‘Naughty’. Now a child counsellor she takes us through the primary years.

In March 2024 Lagom will publish There is Still No Such Thing as ‘Naughty’: Parenting the Primary Years. World Rights were bought by Michelle Signore, editorial director of Lagom, an imprint of Bonnier Books UK, from Tom Wright at Bev James Management.

Parenting children from 5-12 is no less challenging than when they were little. Kate helps parents understand how their children’s brains are developing, and what really lies behind the challenging behaviour they’ll often see. She shares plenty of practical and simple tips and scripts to help parents better understand their children and build stronger, better bonds for life. While her advice has its basis in science, what she offers is a practical, simple toolkit for all parents who want to build a trusting, warm and caring relationship with their child and ensure that they grow up to be confident, kind and resilient individuals.

Silverton’s previous book, There is No Such Thing as ‘Naughty’, received plaudits from academics and celebrities alike. Professor Peter Fonagy OBE, advisor on early childhood to HRH The Princess of Wales, said, ‘as a parenting support book this is in a class of its own.’ Joe Wicks shared that ‘the book had changed my life’. It went straight to number 1 on publication in 2021.  

Editorial Director Michelle Signore said: ‘So many parents are desperate to know how they can parent in a way that ensures the good mental health of their children and as the parent of a 9 year old myself, I know just how much of a need there is for this book. Kate’s voice is so reassuring and empathetic, and her writing is a wonderful blend of scientific fact and practical takeaway. I couldn’t be prouder to be publishing a book that will be part of the change in how we communicate with our kids.’

Kate Silverton said: ‘As a child therapist, I am privileged to witness first-hand the remarkable transformations that can take place when we apply the science that supports our understanding of children and their behaviour. As a mother to two primary-aged children, I also know how difficult, demanding and all consuming the job can be. I have written this book to bring hope (as well as answers), and to help make life easier for parents and more joyful for our children. In this way we can restore harmony to our homes and support our children’s  mental health and happiness, as well as our own.’

There is Still No Such Thing as ‘Naughty’: Parenting the Primary Years by Kate Silverton will be published by Lagom at the end of March 2024 in TPB, ebook and audiobook as a lead publication.