Lagom, the health and wellbeing imprint of Zaffre Publishing Group at Bonnier Books UK, has acquired Buy Yourself the Damn Flowers by Tam Kaur to be published this August. World rights were acquired by Senior Editor Madiya Altaf from Kiera Pérez at Sixteenth. 

Buy Yourself the Damn Flowers is a practical self-love guide that will help readers learn how to cultivate a deep and lasting love for the person who matters most – themselves. After a series of bad relationships – from a boyfriend who was in love with his ex, to dating a controlling narcissist and a man who was emotionally unavailable – Tam knew things needed to change. She has since begun to focus on herself and prioritise doing the things she loves. In her book, she provides advice on how to break-free from seeking external validation and feeling unworthy, and teaches the reader how to set boundaries, build confidence and so much more. 

Tam Kaur is a social media star. In just a few months, she has doubled her follower numbers which now stand at over 1 million across her platforms. Host of the Self-Obsessed podcast, she is teaching a generation how to love themselves fiercely. 

Author Tam Kaur said: “I’m so excited to be publishing Buy Yourself the Damn Flowers with Bonnier Books UK. This book has been a long time in the making. It took years of back-to-back heartbreaks, life experience and learning through my mistakes to develop my strong sense of self and unbreakable confidence. I know exactly what it’s like to put others first, to settle for less than you deserve and to navigate relationships while balancing your independence and goals. That’s why this book is so important to me. Like my YouTube videos, I want it to be an in-depth, comprehensive guide of all things self-love with actionable advice and reassuring information that will help every woman find and love themselves, before anybody else.”

Senior Editor of Lagom, Madiya Altaf said: “I’m so thrilled to be working with the amazing Tam on her empowering book on self-love and relationships. Tam has built an incredibly engaged audience with her refreshing tone and encouraging advice. From getting through heartbreaks, pursuing your passions and learning to put yourself first, Buy Yourself the Damn Flowers is an essential guide for young women – from the best friend we all need – and I can’t wait to get it into the hands of readers.”

Buy Yourself the Damn Flowers by Tam Kaur will be published by Lagom on 15th August 2024 in HB, ebook and audiobook.