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Lagom pre-empts title by financial psychotherapist Vicky Reynal

Lagom, the health and wellbeing imprint at Bonnier Books UK, will publish Money on Your Mind: The Psychology Behind Your Financial Habits by Vicky Reynal in May 2024. 

UK & Commonwealth rights were acquired by Madiya Altaf from Jason Bartholomew at BKS Agency. 

One of the most important relationships we have is with money, yet we are often unaware of what drives our habits and feelings related to it. In Money on Your Mind, financial psychotherapist Vicky Reynal will dive into different money behaviours such as overspending, underspending, money secrets and self-sabotage to reveal how our past experiences impact our relationship with money. It will help readers unpack and understand what is driving their financial behaviours for an improved and healthier relationship with money. Money on Your Mind is a fresh and new approach at looking at our financial wellbeing and provides a new psychological way to deal with any negative money habits. At a time when money may be tight and finances troubling, the book will help readers overcome emotional hurdles and make better financial choices.

Author Vicky Reynal said: “When we are taught about money it’s so focused on what we should do with it, and with the support of Bonnier Books UK, I wanted to write a book that addresses the all-too-common risk of emotions skewing and sabotaging our actions and behaviours around money. As a financial psychotherapist, I help people identify what unconscious thoughts and feelings could be getting in the way of having the relationship with money they want. I hope Money on your Mind will change the way people think about money and help those who read it improve their financial wellbeing.”

Senior Editor of Lagom, Madiya Altaf said: “When I first came across an interview with Vicky, I was instantly intrigued by her job and after speaking to her, I knew she needed to write a book immediately. As the UK’s first financial psychotherapist, she has helped so many people unpack what might be driving their financial habits. Money on Your Mind is a vital read – Vicky’s expert knowledge shines through as she guides and equips the reader with a new lens through which to explore their relationship with money. I’m so excited to be working with Vicky and publishing Money on Your Mind on the Lagom list.”

Money on Your Mind: The Psychology Behind Your Financial Habits by Vicky Reynal will be published by Lagom on 9th May 2024 in HB, ebook and audiobook.