Black & White Publishing, an imprint of Bonnier Books UK, is publishing The Ripple Effect: Britain’s Brilliant Wild Swimming Communities by Anna Deacon and Vicky Allan. 

Ali McBride, publishing director at Black & White Publishing, acquired world rights from Jenny Brown Associates.

Through their previous books Taking the Plunge and The Art of Wild Swimming, Anna Deacon and Vicky Allan have seen wild swimming cause waves in communities across the country. For some it’s about meeting those who like a sunrise swim, a skinny dip or ice therapy, while others are on a mission to simply experience plunges with like-minded people. The Ripple Effect will share their stories of new connections and the brilliant communities that are changing lives and spreading joy. 

Discover the wild swimming groups of Britain as they travel across the country, hearing from swimmers who are transforming their own lives with the power of water and community. Swimmers share their experiences, exploring the benefits both physical and mental, from improved mental health to easing menopause symptoms, offering their tips, best spots, safety precautions and, most importantly, how to find your own wild tribe.

The Ripple Effect is a valuable guide with a wealth of resources for anyone looking for advice or to discover their own community. 

Anna Deacon said: “Since Taking The Plunge was published in 2019, wild swimming has become so popular, and community swim groups are really at the heart of it all. The inspiring groups of swimmers we have met across the UK have such stories of hope, fun, friendship and recovery, not to mention some brilliant names (Blue Balls, Menopausal Mermaids). The joy and support they generate ripples out far and wide, into families, friendships and the wider community. All of them offer company and togetherness for those who have been isolated and lonely. Some provide organised support through mental health issues or recovery from addiction. We are excited to share this book with you and hope its ripple effect will inspire yet more people to join a group and take the plunge.”

Ali McBride said: “With wild swimming more popular than ever, we are delighted to publish this collection of stories from Britain’s communities with Anna and Vicky. It felt increasingly important to share the experiences of swimmers across the country to connect like-minded people or those struggling to find the right community. It’s a valuable guide filled with stunning photography and sincere, heart-warming stories.” 

Vicky and Anna have been swimming together since 2018 when a mutual friend introduced them, saying, “You two both like wild swimming, maybe you should even write a book together”. Within a year they had travelled the country, going on swim safa­ris, plunging into waterfalls and dipping in bays with some of the remarkable swimmers featured in Taking the Plunge. And they didn’t stop swimming and writing there. They drew together the hive mind knowledge of the swim world in their The Art of Wild Swimming guides to Scotland, England & Wales and Ireland.

Anna Deacon is a photographer and writer who has also written a popular travel guide book titled Wild Guide Balearic Islands with her sister Lizzie, and published articles for The GuardianScotsman and many more. She also hosts the popular Instagram page @wildswimmingstories from which these books began. 

Vicky Allan is a journalist who writes chiefly about the environ­ment (and especially watery issues) for the Glasgow Herald. She is also the author of a book about the menopause, co-authored with television star Kaye Adams, titled Still Hot! and a creepy cat novel, Stray.

The Ripple Effect will be published on 28 September 2023.