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Black & White to publish McIntyre’s ‘extraordinary’ story as a gangland lawyer

Black & White Publishing, part of Bonnier Books UK, is to publish the true story of Jimmy Two Guns: The Life and Crimes of a Gangland Lawyer by James McIntyre.

World rights were acquired directly from the author by Campbell Brown, executive publisher at Black & White Publishing. 

Being the go-to lawyer for some of Scotland’s most feared and infamous crime families, James McIntyre’s client list ensured he was always in demand, but under constant scrutiny from the authorities. Now he tells the astonishing inside story of how he became a successful defence lawyer and trusted consigliere to Glasgow’s crime bosses, and of his own time in jail after the notorious events that earned him the name ‘Jimmy Two Guns’. 

As well as his own arrests, James recalls the high-profile cases he handled, his clashes with the authorities and how he bounced back after being the target of a near fatal underworld hit. And the cases handled in his controversial career also reveal some unique insights into the world of criminal justice and demonstrate some significant flaws in the system. 

James McIntyre was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa, where his father was chief medical officer, before moving to Scotland in 1962. He graduated with a Law Degree from Dundee University. As far as his career as a criminal lawyer is concerned, despite acting for some very heavy hitters in the underworld, what drove James most was fighting for the underdog. Those who have only their lawyer on their side. Eventually reinventing himself as a TV writer, he has penned scripts for shows such as TaggartEastEndersNew Street Law, and in particular, River City, for which he has written about 80 episodes.

James McIntyre said: “I’ve wanted to tell my story for many years, and I’m delighted to be given the chance to do so with Black & White Publishing”. 

Campbell Brown said: “James has lived an extraordinary life and his is a truly unique story. From the intensity of high-speed car chases to his close relationships with the criminal underworld, James McIntyre has always been true to himself and to the principle that, no matter who you are, a person remains innocent until proven guilty. For anyone interested in true crime and how our justice system works – or sometimes doesn’t work – Jimmy Two Guns is a must-read memoir.”

Jimmy Two Guns will be published on 11th May 2023.